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Technical components for the beer-brewing process available in the online shop / From pressure measurement to temperature control – Automation24 has the beer-brewing expertise you need around 68 litres of beer per capita are consumed in the United Kingdom each year. But regardless of whether its large brands, small-scale breweries, or private breweries – the beer manufacturing process barely differs from one to the next. The quality of the beer is entirely dependent on production factors such as temperature, level, pH value, pressure, and flow rate. In order to precisely monitor and control these parameters, the Automation24 online shop now offers suitable products in the area of process instrumentation.

“Although the art of brewing beer is already several centuries old – production in accordance with modern-day standards is subject to precise controls and requires consistent quality”, reports Thorsten Schulze, who, as CEO, is in charge of the portfolio in particular. “In order to provide our customers with the best possible support in the execution of their brewery business, we have expanded our product portfolio in the area of process instrumentation accordingly.”

Level measurement – from the silo to bottling

Wheat or barley malt form the basis for most varieties of beer. The grain, in its purest form, is stored in raw material silos, the level of which can be monitored using radar level measuring devices, for example from ifm, VEGA, or Endress+Hauser. In order to guarantee a continuous flow of grain into the malt mill, capacitive level switches or vibration level switches from Endress+Hauser or VEGA are used. In addition, the proper process within the malt mill can be monitored using vibration transmitters from ifm’s VTV series.

For the various processes in mash pans, boilers, and tanks, Automation24 carries various hygienic vibration level switches, limit switches with hygienic process connections, and capacitive and conductive level switches. With professional level measuring devices, you can avoid running empty or over-filling during the addition of hops, the filling of the fermentation tank, or the process of filling into cans or bottles.

Pressure in the boiler

Because a host of chemical reactions are triggered during the beer-brewing process, the measurement of pressure conditions is important at various points. For instance, the addition of hops to the wort kettle is dosed using level measuring technology, and with appropriate pressure sensors and pressure transmitters. During the subsequent delivery of yeast to the cooled wort, malt sugar is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide. In order to achieve ideal storage conditions in the yeast tank, hygienic pressure sensors and pressure transmitters are used. As such, with the configurable hydrostatic level transmitters from the Deltapilot series from Endress+Hauser, the correct pressure setting in the fermentation and storage tanks can be observed.

Ultimately, the optimal pressure determines the maturity of the beer, and can be measured using pressure transmitters from ifm’s PM series. What is more, pressure sensors are also available in the web shop either with or without analogue displays, which detect the escape of carbon dioxide during filling processes, for example.

Temperature -– a sensitive factor

In some of the steps of beer production, precise temperature control and measurement is crucial. Thus, during mashing, enzymes are activated by heating, which split the starches in the malt into fermentable and non-fermentable sugars. Here, the mixture must be heated to certain temperatures for certain periods of time, in three stages.

In order to detect and maintain these temperatures, hygienic temperature sensors or temperature transmitters are used, as well as temperature controllers. Reliable monitoring is guaranteed by the iTHERM and Thermophant sensor series from Endress+Hauser and the hygienic temperature transmitters from ifm. With the temperature controllers from Novus Automation, different temperature levels can also be automatically regulated.

Extensive selection of articles for the brewing process

In addition to the various process sensors, also offers many other products and corresponding hygienic accessories, such as circular connections and sensor cables from ifm’s EVF series, which are suitable for use in the food industry. Magnetic-inductive flow meters are available for the handling of various liquids. The pH value of a beer contributes to a harmonious flavour profile and can be measured using the Memosens pH sensors from Endress+Hauser. And Automation24 also provides suitable equipment for the final cleaning processes: with the conductivity sensors from ifm, the system can be checked for residues of cleaning agents and rinsing water. From the professional to the amateur brewer, customers can also find sound expert knowledge at, in the knowledge area. In a new article, the beer- brewing process is clearly presented in 10 steps – including tips and product recommendations.


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