Recovering heat – and profitability


Rising electricity prices over recent years have added yet another challenge to businesses that rely on compressed air systems. One technology, however, is developing fast to help recoup the cost of energy – heat recovery.

This technology is currently being applied on both a large and small scale with great success. On a large scale, an innovative heat recovery scheme in the United Kingdom, for example, will provide warmth for local homes in the capital by channelling waste heat from London Underground tunnels into the heat network. The primary aim is to reduce bills and lower carbon emissions.

boge1On a smaller scale, a similar concept is being used by businesses in the day to day operation of their compressed air systems. The idea is simple: redirect the waste heat generated by compressed air units into heating factory and warehouse spaces for the purpose of cutting the costs associated with heating those areas.

The benefits of this technology is not to be underestimated. With the specification of the right equipment significant energy and cost savings can be made. For example, by installing the BOGE Duotherm heat recovery system, up to 94% of the input energy used in the compressionprocess can be recovered in the form of heat and be reused elsewhere.

By working alongside a compressed air specialist such as BOGE, businesses across industry can benefit from valuable energy and cost savings, helping them to boost profitability as a result.


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