Qualification as CMSE – Certified Machinery Safety Expert in high demand internationally – 10 years – 10,000 safety experts


With the CMSE qualification, Certified Machinery Safety Expert, Pilz created a completely new training programme for machinery safety in 2013. After a decade Pilz is now proud to congratulate the 10,000th graduate to successfully complete the CMSE examination!

In 2013 Pilz launched the CMSE, Certified Machinery Safety Expert qualification in four countries – as the world’s first certified international training course for advanced machinery safety. The four-day course provides a general overview of the topic of machinery safety in five modules and imparts extensive knowledge on all aspects of the machinery life cycle. Today Pilz offers the CMSE qualification in 60 countries in 15 languages.

TÜV Nord and Pilz have been partners from the outset in the CMSE qualification: the final TÜV Nord certificate, awarded after passing the examination, has international validity, as the CMSE modules are standardised worldwide and at a uniform level.

Luis Armando, lead automation engineer at Jabil, a global manufacturing solutions provider, became the 10,000th graduate to successfully complete certification. He works at the production plant in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he oversees the new automated implementations. “My main motivation is keep a safe place for work for everyone. Being a CMSE is very important because it is of vital importance to certify the implementation of machinery based on regulations”, said Armado as he received the certificate.

CMSE as a corporate standard

CMSE serves as a personal qualification – and internationally operating companies also use the courses offered worldwide, to train their employees uniformly at different locations. The qualification thus sets the company standard for competence in machine safety. This is also the case at Jabil: “Jabil engaged with Pilz to assist in their drive of employees globally to undertake CMSE and we have delivered CMSE for multiple groups in China, Mexico, USA, and Germany with further trainings planned in South East Asia, Europe and South America. It is a pleasure to work with a company that places such value in machinery safety and ultimately the safety of their employees”, reports Yvonne McNamara, Global Accounts Management at Pilz.

“One of the main Jabil aims is to be the most technologically advanced manufacturing solutions provider for our customers, while also providing safe workplaces”, says Sergiy Keretsman, global EHS expert at Jabil. “We have initiated a multi-year, comprehensive machinery safety strategy to ensure the safety of employees as manufacturing processes become more advanced, automated, and complex. All these initiatives link to Total Machinery Safety which helps to recognize and effectively manage hazards within the machinery lifecycle. And our people are the hard foundation of this initiative.”

Keeping knowledge up to date

Machinery safety in particular requires an ongoing willingness to undergo further training and to keep acquired knowledge up to date. This is why recertification is an integral part of the CMSE – Certified Machinery Safety Expert qualification: The experts can renew the certificate after four years for a further four years by taking part in a one-day recertification course.

“CMSE has been accepted in the industry as best practice and our continued success is as a result of employers and employees placing value on what it brings. The qualification continues to stay relevant and this is demonstrated by the numbers of people returning to undertake the one day recertification training after 4 years”, explains Marie O’Riordan, International Services Group of Pilz GmbH & Co. KG.

Further information at www.cmse.com


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