PV testers for safety and performance boosts


At the Intersolar Europe tradeshow, Fluke (booth B3.530) will present its offer for the photovoltaics industry. The manufacturer’s testers and analyzers provide failsafe and comfortable solutions to ensure safe function, longevity and high productivity of PV systems. Highlights include the PVA-1500 I-V Curve Tracer, the only available product in the market that can consistently and accurately measure I-V curves for 1500-V high-efficiency solar panels without overheating. With this recent product launch, Fluke has expanded its portfolio to enable solar professionals to service PV systems from microgrid to utility-scale installations. At the same time, the tester’s superior scan rates allow them to cut testing time to a minimum. Another showcase, the SMFT-1000 multifunction PV tester is designed for performance analysis and I-V curve tracing of photovoltaics systems operating at up to 1000 V DC. In addition, Fluke will also present the FEV350 analyzer, a handheld all-in-one tool with comprehensive test functions for AC electric vehicle charging stations (EVSE).

More information: https://www.fluke.com/en-gb/products/electrical-testing/best-solar-energy-industry-tools.


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