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The new KRT 3C contrast sensor from Leuze can be flexibly integrated into packaging processes thanks to its multicolour capability and small size.

With the KRT 3C contrast sensor, Leuze has introduced the smallest contrast sensor it has ever made for the packaging industry. As a result, plant operators can benefit from a compact device that can be used in many different ways.

The KRT 3C detects reliably and positions accurately even if there are only small contrast differences or with glossy surfaces or highly reflective materials. This is possible thanks to the multicolour functionality of its red, green, and blue light, as well as white and laser red light, which means that no object or printed label will be able to pass through unnoticed. This allows users to select the right light source for any material and contrast mark colour for their packaging and labelling processes.

The KRT 3C detects contrasts very precisely and reliably and with a short response time of only 50μs (laser: 125μs) and minimal signal jitter. This helps to achieve optimal machine throughput.

With its small dimensions of 11x32x17mm, the sensor is designed for tight installation spaces. This means it can be fitted almost anywhere. Users can easily set up the KRT 3C via the integrated IO-Link interface. Changes are also made quickly when changing product formats.

The device’s housing is also robust, meeting IP67 and IP69K degrees of protection. The KRT 3C is also ECOLAB certified, so it can even handle aggressive cleaning agents.




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