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Premature failure of pumps and valves in machines is costing UK manufacturers millions of pounds each year – but it doesn’t have to, asserts Triple R Industrial Services UK (Tris UK). The leading oil management specialist explains that dirty oil is the major cause of parts failure, and is easily preventable with its effective, proven filters. To support its claims, Tris UK is offering manufacturers a three-month free trial of its Triple R oil filters, including free oil sampling, filter installation and removal, and cost-saving projections.

“It’s not uncommon to see a manufacturer wasting £30,000 – £50,000 every year on parts and oil replacements, plus the associated costs of machine downtime and remedial works. Unfortunately, most manufacturers remain unaware that this spend can be entirely eliminated with effective oil cleaning. That’s why we’re offering a three-month free trial of our product and service – it’s more than enough time for clients to be able to see the difference in their oil quality, and how it increases the efficiency, longevity and uptime of their machines,” explains Andrew Thoms, managing director of Tris UK.

Dirty oil – and even brand-new oil is considered dirty – contains harmful contaminants that reduce oil life and cause significant wear and tear on moving parts, resulting in accelerated premature failure.

“The tolerances between machine parts are very fine, so in order to move effectively, they need the lubrication of clean oil. When oil becomes contaminated with oxygen, varnishes, water and so on, it changes the nature of the oil and causes significant friction. As a result, parts that should last 10+ years are failing in two or three,” continues Mr. Thoms.

Unlike other filters on the market, Tris UK’s Triple R filter has a unique 114mm 3-layer construction that is able to filter down below 2µ. As a result, it is able to remove 99% of all solid dirt particles as well as water, and eliminates the development of oxidation and resins. The filters – used worldwide and trusted for over 60 years – extend the life of critical components and can dramatically improve the condition of even the dirtiest oil.

“We have conducted free trials for manufacturers whose oil was ISO Code 23/21/17 (or NAS 12); in other words, as dirty as oil can get. And within their three-month free trial our filters have been able to clean that oil to standards more than acceptable enough for effective machine operation.”

Manufacturers that wish to continue using Tris UK’s Triple R oil filter systems after the free trial ends can expect to see a return on investment in an average of three to six months, says Mr. Thoms. “We’ve not had one client yet that hasn’t the invested in the Triple R filter after the free trial, and most then roll out a scheme with us to have filters installed on the rest of their machines. It literally saves thousands of pounds and tonnes of hassle.”

Triple R systems take Tris UK less than an hour to install, and require at most 30 minutes of machine downtime.

To enquire about Tris UK’s free trial offer, please visit www.tris-uk.com or call 01896 757999.


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