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In January 2023, Delta Plus revealed its new slogan, ‘Enjoy Safety’. In just two words, this slogan embodies all the challenges facing professionals who use safety equipment: to benefit from innovative, high-quality, easy-to-use, affordable, stylish and durable solutions.

Because personal protective equipment is still too often perceived as a constraint, Delta Plus works alongside its customers to identify and understand their issues and recommend the most appropriate solution for their needs.

As an independent player, it is essential for the company to work hand in hand with its customers, users and partners, to develop today’s and tomorrow’s products and to have full control over production in its factories.

Because safety is the driving force behind Delta Plus’s commitment, it’s also its trademark. The company takes care of its customers’ safety and creates protective equipment that allows them to concentrate fully on their core business, facilitating their movements or their productivity – equipment that people want to wear.

The company’s ambition is to make protection easier in terms of quality, use, choice, availability and recyclability.

More than just a signature, the slogan is a real promise made by this French independent PPE supplier, and it’s reflected in products at the cutting edge of innovation. Such is the case with the new XTREM LIGHT harness, light as a feather and strong as a rock. With its metal-free back system, it’s the lightest harness on the market. Very comfortable, it adapts to all body shapes and is certified up to 150kg. In addition to its lightness, the strength of this harness lies in its ease of installation. With its two-tone straps (black underneath/yellow piping above), there’s no risk of putting the harness on the wrong way around. And thanks to its side plates, two additional adjustment buckles are all you need for optimum adjustment. Whether you’re wearing gloves or not, the harness is easy to use and manoeuvre, so you can move around safely and easily.

Delta Plus relies on expertise and technical know-how to fuel innovation and improve performance at its production sites.

To this end, it has set up Centres of Excellence, where technicians and engineers are committed to bringing together the best expertise and resources to advance knowledge in the field of protecting men and women in the workplace.

In the safety footwear segment, Delta Plus naturally turned to Italy, the world’s leading centre for premium footwear in terms of both quality and style.

The company then initiated synergies with players from both within and outside the footwear industry in the form of partnerships or company acquisitions. An example of this cutting-edge technology is the new Aerofit range. Indeed, Delta Plus is revolutionising the PU boot market with its new Aerofit range. The Aerofood model is an S4 CI SRC boot designed for the food industry. It is 45% lighter than PVC, thanks to the new ‘spray injection’ technology. It combines comfort and ergonomics with a second-skin effect that moulds perfectly to the shape of the foot. This boot offers excellent performance, with slip resistance 70% above SR standard requirements. What’s more, thanks to its ankle support, the Aerofood prevents premature fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders. Last but not least, the Aerofood model is easy to clean, with a sleek design and a style tailored to the food industry.

In 2024, Delta Plus continues to strengthen its brand image with its new website. In addition to its modern design and technical performance, its ambitions are numerous: to make it easier to choose the right PPE thanks to a simple and comprehensive selection guide, to indicate where to find Delta Plus products, to present each product in the manner of a B2C site, to offer an online ordering space for its distributors, to offer all its media resources via a download centre, to present the latest news from the Delta Plus Group and to facilitate the application process for future talent. Everything has been thought out to ensure that this digital experience is a success and makes customers want to go further with Delta Plus.


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