Protection against humidity and corrosive environments


X20 controllers and modules handle all environmental conditions

With the X20c series, B&R is setting new standards for protection against harsh environmental conditions. The “coated” variants of the compact controller and I/O modules are protected against condensation and corrosive gases by a special coating on the electronics module. This makes these modules suitable for use in corrosive environmental conditions.

The coating on the electronics module protects the components and circuit board from the effects of condensation and corrosive gases. The effectiveness of protection against condensation is checked using the test specified in BMW GS 95011-4, and protection against corrosive gases using the 4-part corrosive gas tests specified in EN 60068-2-6, test method 4. The tests are carried out in a fully accredited in-house testing laboratory and in certified external testing facilities. B&R places even higher demands on the modules than what is specified in the standards and also subjects equipment to additional, more stringent testing.

At sea and in icy temperatures

The X20 modules with coated circuit boards are completely compatible with existing models with respect to functionality. Their introduction represents the third time that B&R has extended the range of applications in which the X20 system can be used. The operating temperature range for all X20 modules was recently expanded to -25°C to +60°C. The X20 System has also received certification for maritime applications from Germanischer Lloyd (GL), which is particularly demanding.


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