Presence Checking and Measurement in a Smart Factory using Contrinex Inductive Smart Sensors


In this series of application examples looking at Contrinex Smart Inductive and Photoelectric sensors in a Smart Factory, we now look at presence detection and dimensional measurement using inductive sensors.

In a Smart manufacturing cell, an inductive sensor positioned at the end of an outfeed conveyor, checks for the presence of a metal machined part. When detected, the sensor calls for a small robot to pick up and transfer the part to another conveyor, where an inductive sensor measures a critical dimension.


Smart sensors contain an onboard microcontroller, which in these applications supplements the traditional features of the sensors to log and report cumulative production data.


Part of the flexibility of modern smart manufacturing cells is provided by robots loading and unloading parts. In this application, a Smart inductive Digital distance-Measurement Sensor (DMS) checks for the presence of a machined metal part at the end of an output conveyor. The sensor reports the presence of the component to a central PLC via IO-Link and the PLC then instructs the robot to pick up the part and transport it to the next conveyor.

On the second conveyor, an inductive DMS Smart sensor is mounted above a conveyor to measure a critical dimension on every part as they pass underneath, triggering an alarm if the dimension is out of tolerance.


In both applications, Smart sensors were selected so that their onboard processing power could collate and report production or measurement data to the process engineering team, periodically via a wireless hub.

Customer Solution

The DMS Smart sensor positioned at the end of the output conveyor features a stainless-steel case which is machined from solid – It shares the same unique robustness of Contrinex’s ‘Extreme’ ‘700 Series’ of inductive sensors. Therefore, the sensor is expected to outlive the life of the production cell, despite having metal parts bumping into it on the conveyor, year after year.

The sensor’s smart functionality is used to maintain cumulative production data, which is periodically reported via a wireless hub. The sensor also keeps track of machine usage to trigger the need for preventative maintenance of the conveyors and robot when required, rather than based on only a time interval.

On the next conveyor, a long-range inductive DMS Smart sensor is mounted above to measure critical dimensions when combined with an input of the conveyor’s speed. The sensor will immediately pause production if out-of-tolerance. Its onboard processing is used to log cumulative measurement data and calculate the real-time deviation of the mean dimension, from the norm. In the event of an unacceptable shift in the deviation, the sensor will report the issue via a wireless hub to a process engineer so that set-up adjustments can be made before an out-of-tolerance condition arises.

Contrinex Smart Sensors are designed for OEMs and system integrators to provide fit-and-forget solutions. These two applications make use of onboard data storage to hold cumulative operating data for predictive maintenance and statistical analysis to offer reliable, cost-effective and compact solutions that deliver ultimate peace of mind.


  • Reliable & fast detection
  • High-precision measurement
  • Long sensing range
  • On-board data storage
  • EMC resilient
  • Robust & reliable in demanding conditions
  • Wide temperature range -25°C TO +70°C
  • IO-Link – Ideal for Industry 4
  • Service-data blocks hold product ID, location & serial number


PocketCodr – The simple way to Develop & Configure Smart Sensors Using an App📱

PocketCodr, a Bluetooth connection unit and its companion app make the design and configuration of Smart sensors as simple as using a phone app. It puts all the power into your hand, on your phone or tablet, without the need to use a PLC or PC. PocketCodr can also configure, monitor and share the settings of IO-Link sensors from any manufacturer.

A range of styles, sizes and detection technologies are offered by Contrinex for its Smart sensors so that you can select a readily available off-the-shelf part, which you then configure to your unique requirements. You can produce a unique sensor, without tooling, or the time delay or costs normally associated with tooling. You can produce a custom part with PocketCodr and an off-the-shelf Smart Sensor from as little as £125 for a single piece, or much less in volume.

Contrinex’s Smart sensors are made easier to understand and faster to configure by PocketCodr’s ‘Action Widgets’ which provide step-by-step, graphics-based screens, with simple control icons, sliders, buttons and checkboxes and helpful hints – PocketCodr also enables you to share settings by sending a code to another Pocketcodr user anywhere in the world, via email, messenger, text, etc.


  • Configure & Monitor any brand of IO-Link sensor on your phone
  • Program SMART & IO-Link sensors without the need for a PLC, PC or coding
  • Share configuration settings via email, text, etc.
  • Action widgets guide the configuration of Contrinex sensors
  • Simple & Fast Bluetooth connection, without the need for passwords
  • Sensor’s IODD file automatically loaded when publicly available
  • LED status indicators
  • Long-lasting Lithium rechargeable battery with USB-C charging
  • Download from the AppStore or Google Play

Click to download the SMART sensor brochure, or Click to download Contrinex’s Product Overview brochure to find out more.

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