Plug-and-play connectivity from the sensor-actuator to the cloud


Murrelektronik’s IO-Link portfolio includes the IP67-rated MVK Pro and IMPACT67 Pro fieldbus modules. The robust modules provide on-board diagnostics and 4A per port output current. They are available in all common protocols and can also be used independently of the fieldbus.

IO-Link stands for ‘plug-and-play’ installation in automation technology. Against a backdrop of increasingly complex production processes and plants, in which more and more data is being collected and networked, the communication standard creates maximum transparency from the sensor-actuator level all the way to the cloud. Murrelektronik has expanded its IO-Link portfolio with the IP67-rated MVK Pro and IMPACT67 Pro fieldbus modules. The new modules have eight multifunctional class A/B master ports, two L-coded M12 ports for supplying up to 16A of power, and are available for PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT. Fieldbus independent use is possible through OPC UA, MQTT, and JSON REST API – thanks to the integrated Standardized Master Interface (SMI). All in all, these devices lower costs and increase productivity while offering new options for service and maintenance. Installation and start-up times are shortened because these modules can replace complexly wired, space-consuming control cabinets.

In addition to pure process data (I/Os), the new MVK Pro and IMPACT67 Pro modules also provide additional diagnostic data (voltage, current and temperature) for each port as well as for the entire module. This enables operators to detect anomalies and optimise their processes using data analytics. Thanks to the IIOT protocols, this is standardised and does not require a controller.

The integrated A/B ports are real multi-talents: The function can be configured at each pin – IO-Link, DI, DO, DIO or a combination. Automatic supply voltage switching means that the correct voltage supply, actuator supply for DOs, and sensor supply for DIs, is always used. Devices with higher energy demand are also powered directly from the module. Thanks to the 4A rating on each port, the need for an external power source is eliminated for such devices. The L-coded M12 ports allow for daisy-chaining and provide up to 2 x 16A power, which simplifies installation and reduces cable runs. A plastic and metal housing and IP67 rating make these robust master modules.

The MVK Pro and IMPACT67 Pro fieldbus modules round out Murrelektronik’s broad IO-Link portfolio that includes masters, hubs, converters, devices and connection technology. The new hub devices offer maximum flexibility to suit your application with input/output, so each pin on each port can be configured as the user needs. There is also now an added advantage of an M8 port offering for the IO-Link hubs, enabling a more compact field-mounted device. This adds more flexibility for mounting position and easy connection to M8 sensors.

Specialist Support

Murrelektronik offers a free system consultation service and can help users add IO-Link to their system. For example, a spare port can expand the basic IO, connect to a smart sensor, or be used as an analogue converter. Alternatively, if the focus is industry 4.0 or IIoT, then IO-Link can handle the additional information contained within IO-Link / smart sensors to make these goals a reality.


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