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Lever and push-button terminal blocks to debut at PPMA Show

PPMA 2018 sees WAGO launch two variants of its TOPJOB® S family of rail-mounted terminal blocks on stand A71.

A push-button version and a lever-actuated version, the first terminal block of its kind, gives switchgear manufacturers a wider choice for wiring assemblies, with three different wiring options within the same product range.

The lever-actuated variant, a world first from WAGO, is equipped with a lever on the field side, and a push-button or operating tool-actuated connection on the secondary side. The clamping point on the field side is opened and closed by hand using the lever, allowing installers to tell at a glance which wires in an assembly are terminated.

The clamping point of the push-button terminal block is opened with any screwdriver or similar operating tool. Feed-through terminal blocks with push-buttons are available for wire with a cross-section between 0.14 to 25 mm². The push-button terminal block is available in 2-, 3- or 4-conductor variants.

PPMA show debut for Carlo Gavazzi

Controls and Automation specialist, Carlo Gavazzi, will make its debut appearance at this year’s PPMA show.

At the event, Carlo Gavazzi will be showcasing its extensive range of sensors complete with integrated IO-Link communication as well as power supplies and energy management systems on Stand E110.

Martin Wyatt, Carlo Gavazzi’s Business Development Manager explains: “Carlo Gavazzi has a major product offering and with the evolution of Industry 4.0 we can help you ensure that you have the right product to minimise down-time, reduce your costs and give you greater control over your production facility; utilising technology that will improve predictive maintenance and reduce your stock inventories.”

Features such as IO-Link increase the usefulness of traditional sensors allowing real-time data to be acted upon instantly, enhancing factory automation by giving users the control they require; as well as reduced stock inventory.

Faster industrial image processing on show at PPMA

On the Alrad Imaging stand – J92 – at the PPMA Show will be the Matrix Vision mvBlueGEMINI smart camera with its integral software which delivers faster and more productive industrial image processing.

The Linx 10, which will also be on show, is a small, easy to use printer, ideal for printing batch codes or best before dates.

New Imaging Technologies (NIT) offers CMOS and InGaAs imaging sensors and cameras operating over an extraordinary dynamic range of more than 140dB. The sensors are particularly useful for machine vision, automobile and autonomous driving, biometrics, security and surveillance.

Cameras from The Imaging Source can be found in many areas of everyday life: industry, food and beverage production, research sciences, pharmaceuticals and medicine, traffic and parking management.

The STC-HD203DV is a CMOS HD Digital output cased camera, ideal for applications requiring direct-connect monitor viewing with High Definition resolution.

Also on display will be a range of machine vision lighting, lenses and other digital cameras for industrial imaging.

HMK extends Cobot range

HMK, will launch an extended range of collaborative robots, or Cobots, with integrated vision on stand F32 at the PPMA Show 2018.

HMK has added two new products to its robotic portfolio, the TM12 and TM14 from TECHMAN. Now the official UK distributor of TECHMAN robotics, HMK continues to spearhead innovation with the introduction of the most advanced range of Cobots pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in automation and implementing the future of industry 4.0 today.

The new Collaborative robot from TECHMAN merges systems that usually function separately in conventional robots.

The TM range of Cobots features simple programming, innovative integrated vision capabilities together with the latest safety functionality, all leading to rapid deployment in a huge variety of applications.  The TM12 and TM14 have improved vision identification functionality completely integrated within the collaborative robot platform which vastly increases the Cobot’s range of applications.

Cobots are revolutionising vision systems

On stand A64 at this year’s PPMA Show, Acrovision will show how vision applications need item-handling to optimise the image acquisition process more frequently. Acrovision will demonstrate the break-through in using collaborative robots (cobots) with vision inspection systems. Either the vision system is guiding the cobot, or providing the cobot positional data of a component for pick and place applications.

The key advantage of using cobots is that as well as being very easy to program, they are also inherently safe to work with alongside humans, subject to risk assessment. No longer o there a need for expensive safety guarding. Cobots can tackle a diverse range of automatic handling activities where the safe and cost-effective implementation of a cobot provides an exceptionally quick Return on Investment.

HepcoMotion showcase linear motion components at PPMA

On stand D40 at PPMA Show 2018, HepcoMotion will be showcasing a selection of its linear motion technology range.

Key products on show include the GFX Hepco Guidance System for Beckhoff XTS (eXtended Transport System), designed to meet the needs of higher duty XTS applications where motion profiles and long-term durability requirements are particularly demanding.

Hepco will be showcasing its core V guide linear system, GV3 which is widely used in the packing industry for applications such as a telescopic pick and place gantry, transport system or multi-lane row divider to name but a few.

Visitors will also be able to see the DTS2 driven track system – an ideal choice for a food or packaging application that requires high positional accuracy and a demanding duty cycle.

IBASE to exhibit embedded computing slutions

IBASE Europe will be exhibiting on stand J78 at the PPMA Show for the second time. IBASE designs and manufactures a range of long-life embedded computing solutions based on new technologies, including single board computers, industrial systems and panel PCs.

Interesting products on display will include the AGS Series intelligent IoT gateway systems. Aimed at industrial control and factory automation applications, the AGS Series can be used as an IoT gateway serving as a platform to connect devices and securely transfer data to clouds, or as a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) gateway providing interconnection of devices to enhance workflow, including wired and wireless, in different industrial environments.

IBASE will also be demonstrating their heavy duty, low-powered, high-performance industrial panel PC’s at the show. This includes the low-cost INOSP-152-RE, a 15” fully IP65 rated stainless steel panel PC, ideal for machine control and factory automation applications within the food and beverage industries.

Multipix Imaging bring 3D camera technology to PPMA

Multipix Imaging will focus on a range of smart cameras and 3D camera technology ideally suited to process and packaging applications on stand G50 at the PPMA Show in September.

In virtually every industry, 3D Sensors are being used to optimise production processes, improve quality control and reduce manufacturing costs.

Multipix will present two different types of 3D camera technology, each suited to different applications.

Firstly, their SmartRay ECCO 3D camera range using laser triangulation with innovative image formation technology to create detailed 3D images. The 3D sensor measures the profile of the object creating a 3D model of the surface of the object.  This technology is ideal for applications that require high precision measurements of objects that are moving.

Also on show will be Photoneo PhoXi 3D scanner technology, using laser light pattern projector technology. This emits a set of coding patterns onto the target scene, which are interpreted by a single camera and reconstructed into a point cloud. The PhoXi capturing and processing pipeline is capable of delivering 16 million measurements per second, either in 3.2 megapixels at 5fps, or 0.8 megapixels at 20fps.

Another widely used vision component within the food & beverage industry is the Smart Camera. Multipix will demonstrate the AdLink NEON smart camera. This ‘all-in-one’ high performance smart camera combined with MVTec’s Merlic Imaging Software provides quick deployment with minimal configuration effort. Ideal for common applications, such as, OCR, Barcode, Measurement and Defect inspections.

Vision for Industry 4.0 and machine learning capabilities

At PPMA 2018, STEMMER IMAGING will be replicating a pick and place application by integrating industrial imaging capabilities into an Industry 4.0 environment using the new OPC UA communication standard.

Also on show will be a 3D system using a machine learning method to read braille characters on boxes. In addition, 2D smart cameras and 2D vision sensors will be set up in various configurations for OCR and code reading.

The OPC UA tool will be on an embedded vision system featuring an ARM-based NVidia Jetson TK1 board running STEMMER IMAGING’s Common Vision Blox (CVB) machine vision software, connected to a JAI GO camera.

The 3D braille reading system uses STEMMER IMAGING’s machine learning-based pattern matching tool, CVB Polimago, to translate a height map of braille bumps into readable characters.


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