Photoelectric sensor range extended


Controls and Automation specialist Carlo Gavazzi has extended its PD30 photoelectric sensors range to now include IO-Link versions.

The PD30 IO-Link photoelectric sensors include background and foreground suppression, PointSpot versions offering sensing distances up to 6m, diffuse reflective variants with IR or red emitted 1M sensing distance, retro-reflective sensors with or without polarisation and through-beam sensors which are used to detect objects either by reflection or interruption of the emitted light beam.

The PD30 is manufactured in a reinforced PMMA/ABS IP67 housing and includes a manual potentiometer for easy setup and easy adjustment, NO and NC outputs and NPN and PNP v NO, NC, NPN, PNP, push-pull, external input or as remote teach function, Timer functions can be set, such as ON-delay, Off-delay, and one shot whilst logging functions are offered for temperatures, detecting counter, power cycles and operating hours.

Utilising the latest IO-Link technology adds functionality to many industrial applications, providing programmability and customisation and solutions to common factory automation dilemmas.


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