Peristaltic pump range gains industry recognition


Verder, the manufacturer of the Verderflex range of peristaltic pumps, recently claimed the coveted Industrial Product of the Year Award in the Industrial Plant and Equipment Awards 2023 for its Verderflex iDURA 45-80 range. This accolade marks not only a significant achievement for Verder Liquids but also signifies a leap forward for industries seeking top-tier pumping solutions.

In the dynamic world of industrial machinery, it is innovation that keeps businesses moving with efficiency and success. The iDURA 45-80, an integral part of Verderflex’s full DURA range, stands out for its exceptional features that redefine the capabilities of peristaltic pumps. The inclusion of a factory-fitted IP66 integrated inverter and hose burst detection, coupled with Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, sets the iDURA series apart in the landscape of industrial pumps.

One standout feature of the DURA range is the integrated inverter, which is enabled with IoT. This addition allows for precise control of the pump’s speed, empowering operators with the flexibility to take advantage of the 99.99% volumetric efficiency associated with a Verderflex iDURA pump. The result is increased accuracy, enhanced energy efficiency, reduced operational costs, and improved overall performance. This intelligent inverter technology showcases Verder’s commitment to sustainability and aligns with the global push toward greener industrial practices.

The inclusion of hose burst detection is a game changer in terms of operational safety. This advanced technology swiftly identifies hose failures, triggering an immediate pump ‘trip’ response to prevent extended downtime and costly repairs. In an industry where reliability is paramount, the iDURA series provides peace of mind to operators, ensuring uninterrupted processes and safeguarding both equipment and personnel.

The IoT connectivity of the full iDURA range opens up a new realm of possibilities. By enabling remote monitoring, Verder empowers businesses to optimise their operations, minimise downtime, and make data-driven decisions. The inverter connectivity extends the iDURA from a standalone pump into a fully integrated process control system to provide IoT functionality in line with any 4-20mA device. The pump can provide everything from a simple ‘is it running?’ message to information such as absorbed power, flow rate and current. Real-time data analytics not only enhance efficiency but also contribute to predictive maintenance, prolonging the lifespan of the equipment and reducing overall operational costs.

The versatility of the iDURA series makes it a valuable asset across various markets. The wide choice of hose materials means the pump can be easily slotted into a range of process plants in many industries. The iDURA series is well suited to the water treatment sector, where reliability and efficiency are critical. It can also be used for precise dosing requirements or the transfer of sheer sensitive fluids such as flocculation products or carbon crystals, as the gentle pumping action ensures damage to the media as low as 1%. The pump’s robust design and advanced features also make it well-suited for handling challenging fluids in diverse industrial processes.

Verder’s success in winning this award with the iDURA 45-80, and the value of the full iDURA range, is not just a triumph for the company but a testament to the industry’s ongoing pursuit of excellence. As businesses evolve to meet the demands of a rapidly changing landscape, innovative solutions like the iDURA series pave the way for increased efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and improved safety standards.

Verder’s Industrial Product of the Year Award for the iDURA 45-80 is a recognition of the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in pumping technology. As industries continue to evolve, Verder stands at the forefront, providing cutting-edge solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of a dynamic and demanding market. The iDURA series is not just a pump; it’s a testament to the power of innovation in shaping the future of industrial processes.


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