Pepperl+Fuchs have launched a new…


Pepperl+Fuchs have launched a new intuitive wireless interface for configuration and monitoring of sensors via tablets and smartphones.

The SmartBridge system consists of a hardware interface (IO-Link/Bluetooth interface) and the SmartBridge app for mobile devices. When the interface is plugged into an existing IO-Link communication between an IO-Link compatible device and a control unit, it displays this information exchange on a mobile device. If the interface is plugged into a connection between an IO-Link compatible device and a conventional control unit, or is being used entirely without a machine control, it works as a master module. In this operating mode, SmartBridge supports the display of all device information as well as the parameterization of IO-Link compatible sensors and actuators.

The SmartBridge app provides a clean and easily understandable user interface for IO-Link compatible field devices. When a new device is detected, the required drivers are loaded automatically. The parameters of the respective field device are then displayed intuitively, graphically and in clear text.

The interface operates on the standardized IO-Link protocol (IEC 61131-9) and is vendor-neutral. Consequently, sensors and actuators from all manufacturers that are part of the IO-Link consortium can be addressed with this interface giving users the flexibility to choose the appropriate device for the application.

The interface also features a built-in slot for microSD cards for logging process data for subsequent advanced analysis on a PC.


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