Pepperl+Fuchs add to RFID options


With over 25 years of experience in industrial RFID, Pepperl+Fuchs have added to their range of robust options with two new UHF read/write heads.

The UHF heads offer detection fields up to 1.5m and 4m depending on the version. The smaller F190 offers a sensing distance up to 1.5m, this range is ideal for many automation environments giving a sufficiently flexible read field but without the risk of overreach (unintentionally reading tags nearby).

The larger F192 can read up to 4m making it ideal for logistics applications and larger production environments such as automotive plants.

The no-nonsense design philosophy is reflected in the robust and simple housings which offer M12 connectivity and IP67 ratings. No tuning or pre-installation programming of the head is required, simply fit and connect it to one of the robust industrial interface controllers using the pre-wired jumper cables.

The field mountable controllers require no boxes or junctions, again leading to a simple and hassle free installation. Controllers are available with interfaces to Profinet, EtherNet/IP, TCP/IP, CC-Link, Profibus, EtherCAT and Serial as well as other specialist and legacy interfaces.

To help with commissioning Pepperl+Fuchs have written function blocks for different PLC platforms, they are all freely available to download from their website, along with a useful PC tool for testing and configuration called RFID-Control.


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