Packaging machine has energy savings all wrapped up


TrakRap, a UK based packaging solutions manufacturer, has developed a new packaging innovation capable of minimising waste and reducing carbon emissions – whilst using the same amount of energy as the domestic kettle.


Established as an alternative to shrink wrapping, TrakRap is a new and unique secondary packaging system, developed to help supermarkets’ achieve their commitment to deliver lighter weight, lower cost and more energy efficient transit and retail ready packaging.


The TrakRap system eliminates the use of heat, as applied in shrink wrap systems, substituting it with seven microns thick C8 LLDPE – a 100% recyclable polymer film that is lighter and, when combined with innovative TrakRap corrugate tray designs, uses less cardboard, making it suitable for ambient, fresh and frozen products. Flexibility on operating speeds has also proved to be a major advantage.


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