Pacer adds Microwave Doppler Radar Motion Sensor Modules and Units to Portfolio


Pacer International has been appointed as the UK & Ireland distributor of the Microwave Solutions Ltd range of microwave Doppler radar motion detector units.

Microwave Solutions design and manufacture a full range of Microwave Doppler Motion Detector Units, which utilise the Doppler shift phenomenon to “sense” motion. The units operate at X-Band (10GHz) and K-Band (24GHz) and can be incorporated into a wide range of sensors in applications including:

Lighting & Energy Management                    Home Automation

Intrusion Alarms (Room, Vehicle)               Collision Avoidance

Automatic Door Openers                                Traffic Control

Speed Measurement                                         Presence Sensing

The Motion Detector Unit, or MDU, is a miniature microwave Doppler radar sensor optimised for low power consumption, short range and low cost. The design features a dielectric resonator stabilised FET oscillator, which provides stable operation over a broad temperature range in either CW or low duty cycle pulse mode and a balanced mixer for enhanced sensitivity and reliability. The MDU emits a low level X Band microwave signal which is reflected from all objects within its coverage area. If any of the objects that the signal has bounced off are moving towards or away from the sensor, the frequency of the reflected signal received back by the sensor will be increased or decreased from that of the transmitted signal by the Doppler effect.

The MDU compares the transmitted and received frequencies and produces an output signal, the frequency of which is proportional to the velocity of the object. The amplitude of this signal is a complex function of the size and reflectivity of the object and its distance from the MDU, as well as the characteristics of the MDU.

Matthew Ashton, Pacer’s Components Sales Manager, said “We see huge interest in components aimed at presence detection, energy management and security systems, and microwave detectors are ideal for these burgeoning sectors. Our applications team is well versed in advising customers on the most cost effective solutions and is excited to now be adding microwave detectors to our offering.”

Simon Barber, Sales Manager for Microwave Solutions, adds “We are delighted to announce Pacer International as our new distributor for the U.K. and Ireland. They are active in the growth markets we want to penetrate and have the technical expertise required to design-in our microwave Doppler Motion Detector Units and complete detector boards. They understand where microwave technology fits within the spectrum and how it can add value to their overall customer proposition, and is a synergistic fit to their current sensor and pyrodetector portfolio”.


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