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Endress+Hauser has completed its portfolio of radar instruments with the Micropilot FMR6x series. The new Micropilots are the first devices with 80 GHz technology that have been developed according to functional safety directive IEC 61508. Furthermore, they belong to the first generation of level instruments that supports Heartbeat Technology for reliable and flexible diagnostics and verification of the measurement.
The main priorities in designing the FMR6x range were accuracy, safety and simplified lifecycle processes for customers. The safety-by-design concept and Ex approvals ease the safety burden for users. The devices offer reliable and stable measurements in an effective range of up to 125m at an accuracy of ±1mm. Mountings and obstacles at the walls of the tanks do not influence the measurement; neither does build-up or condensation thanks to the innovative antenna design. With the help of interactive software, installation and commissioning is quick and easy.

With the addition of the new range, Endress+Hauser now has a radar device for every application. “Everybody talks about the highest radar frequencies at the moment but what really matters is finding the right frequency for each individual application, which is not automatically the highest one,” explains Endress+Hauser UK’s level product specialist Chris Brennan. “We have to have a deep understanding of our customers’ needs to offer the right frequency or alternatives outside of radar instrumentation. For us it is about being on the same wavelength as our customers.”

Heartbeat Technology

Until now, Endress+Hauser’s Heartbeat Technology, which gives instruments their own verification ability, has been integrated exclusively in flowmeters. Now this unique concept has been extended to the level portfolio. Devices with the technology can be verified and documented without the need to remove them from the process and without any downtime. Operators don’t need to have expert device knowledge to carry out the verification: they just follow the simple, predefined procedure. The test results are then documented clearly. A guided SIL proof test is also available, including all documentation, to ensure safety-critical SIL instruments are working correctly. A test protocol is automatically generated to help with compliance. Heartbeat Technology’s monitoring ability also provides device and process data to enable predictive maintenance. The combination of device and process parameters provides crucial information to optimise processes.

For more information please visit www.uk.endress.com/113GHz.


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