OMRON introduces NX502 controllers with advanced information and safety control


New OMRON controllers help achieve high production quality and improve energy productivity

OMRON has announced that it will release the NX-series NX502 CPU automation controllers with advanced information control and safety control, simultaneously with the new NX-EIP201 EtherNet/ IPTM units.

This launch responds to the increase in efforts towards carbon neutrality at manufacturing sites that are starting to prioritize ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) management. Production lines for rapidly evolving high-tech products such as xEVs (electric vehicles with extended range) and digital devices need to be able to handle sudden changes in demand and have equipment that can easily adapt to these changes.

The new NX502 CPU and NX-EIP201 EtherNet/IP units utilize OMRON’s unique advanced information processing, communications technologies, and large-capacity memory to achieve real-time analysis and process modularization. This approach contributes to improving sustainability and minimizing waste at production sites and shortening lead times when changing lines.

Main Features

1. World’s highest precision data collection and large-capacity transfer capabilities help reduce the amount of losses and waste at production sites .

The high-precision data collection capability of the NX502, with a jitter of 1 μs or less, and data transfer capacity approximately four times that of equivalent-class controllers3, allows real-time analysis of production-related data, such as temperature, pressure, and flow rate, which can be reflected in processing conditions. This feature enables rapid process improvement and reduces loss of resources at various production sites.

[Application example Crystal manufacturing process required for precise product processingThe production of high-quality crystals requires real-time monitoring and fluctuation of production-related data based on varying conditions. Communication performance limitations are a bottleneck to stable manufacturing quality. The high information processing capability of the NX502 enables early identification of the causes of process issues, leading to improvements in production conditions and stable mass production of crystals, for example for solar cells.


2. NX-series first integrated control technology for large-scale and high-speed safety reduces lead times when changing production lines

The NX502 and NX-EIP201 feature integrated control technology, allowing control of large-scale production lines with module division through up to eight network system separations and up to 254 safety connections
4. This approach enables adjustment and checking of partial processes with minimal impact on overall operations, even on large lines. It also helps maximize energy productivity and significantly reduces lead times when changing lines.

[Application example Body frame welding line handling a wide variety of products
As market needs diversify, it may be necessary to add or change processes while mixed production of various vehicle models is ongoing. To minimize lead times by stopping only the relevant parts, the NX502 and NX-EIP201 separate network systems, including safety, allowing flexible responses to detailed changes in manufacturing sites, such as the addition of welding processes. This feature contributes to improving production efficiency.

OMRON leverages its strength in control technology under the innovative-Automation concept to improve productivity at manufacturing sites. Going forward, the company aims to achieve sustainable manufacturing sites, including carbon neutrality in production, while continuing to improve productivity. OMRON will contribute to the future for people, industries, and the globe through innovative automation.


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