OMRON Announces FLOW Core 3.0 Software for Accelerating AMR Fleet Management and Navigation


The updated FLOW Core 3.0 software suite provides advanced AMR application configuration, navigation, and performance monitoring.

OMRON, an industry leader in industrial robotics, announces the release of Fleet Operations Workspace (FLOW) Core 3.0 software, a next-generation platform for boosting the capabilities of their LD and HD series autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), while simplifying the integration process and improving fleet management. FLOW Core is a single software suite for coordinating intelligent job assignments and charging schedules, applying advanced navigation and traffic control, and delivering seamless integration with IT & OT systems like MES, ERP, and WMS.

This new release updates several key areas:

MobilePlanner: Flexibility updates eliminate map complexity and ease troubleshooting by providing map object customization and hierarchical grouping. This accelerates commissioning and minimizes configuration time, even for complex tasks like assigning unique AMR subgroups for differentiated behavior in specific map areas.

Integration Toolkit (ITK) 2.0: New customizable tracking allows the facility infrastructure to programmatically command and securely monitor AMR fleets. Licensing information is now incorporated in the ITK database, providing users with the ability to monitor and create notifications as needed. 

FLOW iQ 3.0: Provides the intelligence to maximize fleet uptime and performance with insights into battery efficiency and maintenance needs.  Graphically presents crucial data in the context of your facility map including Wi-Fi and localization. Accelerates onsite failure resolution with the tools needed for 24×7 production, while quantifying overall equipment effectiveness.

Selectable Autonomy 2.0: Enables users to tailor traffic flow with powerful path modes, ranging from autonomous guided vehicle (AGV)—but without the costly infrastructure—to limited detour windows, to the pure flexibility of a traditional AMR. The range of path modes reduces navigation exceptions even in narrow locations, maximizing cycle time with consistent, comfortable operation.

CAPS 3.0: Empowers AMR docking to machine cells and carts with the unrivaled Precision Drive mode, using approach paths from any angle. Minimizes infrastructure costs by allowing custom target definitions, providing total flexibility with any floor layout and payload shape.

For more information, take a look at the OMRON Fleet Manager.


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