NEW! Verderflex® peristaltic pumps are set to make waves with IoT capabilities.


Verder Liquids’ range of peristaltic pumps, Verderflex, have been designed to challenge traditional technological solutions to certain pumping applications. This new innovation allows predictive maintenance and remote monitoring of Verderflex pump systems, allowing the user to future proof their investment and increase efficiency. Essentially, these smart pumps monitor activity and provide real-time information on multiple factors e.g., flow, temperature and current.

The Remote Assistant (RA) app supports monitoring but does not allow you to control the pump from the app. This provides an added layer of safety and security when using IoT enabled products. It adds value to the user’s process because it lets them record pump performance, plan maintenance and prevent excessive downtime through alerts on problems. Operators are empowered and given flexibility as they can monitor or define operating boundaries and be alerted via the RA app when a pump deviates or exceeds these limits. The alerts cover all critical functions, such as tube or hose failure, giving the user peace of mind. Real time equipment monitoring via the RA app can provide a simple ‘is it running?’ message to complex data analysis and recording. The user can use preset rules or create their own to suit their process, giving the operator the ability to plan maintenance around operations and reduce component changeover, saving time and money in the long run.

Anthony Beckwith, Head of Engineering at Verderflex explained “IoT allows for far more accurate control over resources allowing improved management. The ability to know and understand exactly what is happening, and predict what will happen in the future, is critical to reach any high optimisation goals. Verderflex pumps coupled with our IoT releases take us further down this route and we are excited to be at the forefront of this technology”

The way we monitor and maintain pumps and other ancillary equipment is changing. There is a focus on enabling remote monitoring and data analysis in order to provide all users with the most efficient processes.


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