New VAR sales and service partnership announced


Fluenta, a global leader in the ultrasonic measurement of flare gas, has signed a Value Added Reseller agreement with Canadian process and analytical instrumentation supplier Vanko Analytical & Instrumentation Specialist. The agreement covers the full Fluenta product range including its key product for flare gas measurement, the FGM-160.


The Fluenta product set provides Vanko with a solution to support operators in the Oil & Gas and chemical market in meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements, ensuring safety and management of emissions.


Burning excess gas by flare is a critical part of the safety regime. The accurate measurement of the gas flared is important for a number of reasons. First, in many regions of the world the flaring of gas is subject to taxation and accurate measurement ensures that the correct taxation is being paid. The second reason is to provide intelligence to the industry on the volume of gas flared. Natural gas is a limited and valuable resource – ideally no gas would ever be lost. Accurate measurement of gas flaring means the industry can plan better ways to reduce the loss and create best practice in the future.


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