New ThermoBarScan offers instant feedback on temperature measurements


UK thermometer manufacturers, TME, are excited to launch a new Barcode scanning logging thermometer, the MM7100 ThermoBarScan, representing the next generation in handheld temperature measurement.

Unique capabilities

Using high accuracy temperature measurement combined with its own integral Barcode reader, this truly innovative thermometer can record not only the temperature, time and date of each measurement but also scans user-set barcodes to identify every product or test point. Up to 1000 separate measurements can be stored on the instrument at any one time before downloading to PC, easily achieved using free open-source software, adding up to a surprisingly cost-effective solution.


The MM7100 is compatible with all standard thermocouple temperature sensors and probes, and customers can choose from Bluetooth or USB interface.


The user is offered the choice of programming alarm limits for individual targets/locations, global alarms for all temperature test points, or even specially designed legionella-safe alarm limits. The user can also choose their own remedial action recommendations, which display when an alarm limit is exceeded. In-line with customer requests, the MM7100 also features the ability to log a temperature without scanning a barcode.


High level information

Added-value features provide detailed information to support HACCP and ensure due diligence.

  • A large screen displaying instant feedback on each temperature measurement
  • Scrolling buttons on the instrument allow users to examine previous measurements
  • On-screen information about the product or test point location



The new MM7100 is surprisingly affordable, at just £425, it is competitively priced, and, what’s more, is even compatible with TME’s unbeatable Thermometer for Life guarantee: to repair/replace any thermometer you damage for no more than £55.

TME – When temperature matters. 

For more details on TME’s extensive range of thermometers and temperature sensors visit for online purchasing or contact the Sales Team on 01903 700651


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