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HARTING shares details of its new range of push-in connectors.

HARTING solutions are characterised by an efficient plug-and-play system, which eliminates errors by ensuring plug-in security with the help of coding. They offer the largest variety of termination technologies on the market and have now expanded this portfolio with the new Han Push-In range.

The connection technology behind the Han Push-In represents a refinement of the cage connection method, which is particularly well suited to field termination thanks to its speed and ease of use. It also expands the flexibility of Han industrial connectors by providing an additional field connection method, allowing fast and uncomplicated assembly of connectors whilst ensuring consistent quality and robustness. As a result, assembly times in the field are reduced by up to 30%.

With Push-In technology, the stranded wire for the connection can be inserted directly into the contact chambers. An internal clamp spring ensures a high-strength contact. If ferrules are used, the connection can be established without tools. In the case of stripped stranded wires, all you need for installation is a screwdriver.

Han Push-In allows you to assemble several conductor variations, ranging from stranded conductors to conductors with ferrules (insulated and uninsulated) and solid conductors. Combined with a wide selection of inserts from the Han portfolio, this new range offers customers a selection of connectivity solutions.

The connection technology behind the Han Push-In is particularly well suited to field termination thanks to its speed and ease of use. As part of the Han-Modular range, it allows users to configure customised connectors which are exactly tailored to their design requirements. Power, signal, data or compressed air can now be combined in one module, reducing the total number of interfaces required.

As the connection technology is smaller and more lightweight, users can now fit more modules and module types than before into one connector. As a result, assembly areas which are difficult to reach can be equipped more efficiently or even opened up for assembly in the first place. There are now over 250 modules to choose from and many thousands of potential combinations available, increasing design flexibility.

The new technology simplifies the handling of components during maintenance work in environments with limited room for manoeuvre, such as in wind turbines or interior fittings in trains. It is particularly well suited to applications where a high degree of flexibility is required, such as when changing tools on machines. Thanks to Han Push-In, this can be done simply, quickly and without the need for tools.

If you’re looking to stay up to date with the latest HARTING products and technological solutions, there are now two new innovations available.

Firstly, users can discover the latest in connectivity and cabling with a HARTING Tech Day. Available digitally or in-person, HARTING’s field engineers will demonstrate and explain the latest technology, helping users to plan out current or future projects.

This is a great opportunity to get engineering and design teams involved and for them to ask any questions. The Tech Day will be tailored to ensure users get the most value out of the time.

In addition, HARTING has also launched the newly updated User’s Guide Termination Technologies manual.

It contains a wealth of information to help users select components, install connectors and contacts and choose the right termination techniques for their applications. Readers of the guide will also learn more about the latest technical innovations and standards.


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