New MD increases expertise – Cressall Resistors appoints MD with extensive marine and oil and gas background


Power resistor manufacturer, Cressall Resistors has appointed Simone Bruckner as managing director. Bruckner relocated from Italy earlier this year to join the Leicester based company, bringing with him 15 years’ experience working in the marine and oil and gas industries. The appointment follows a successful year for Cressall, having recently launched a new, on-site research and development (R&D) department.

After serving in the Italian Navy, Bruckner began working as a project engineer for Fincantieri, the largest Italian shipbuilding company. It was here that Bruckner developed the valuable design and production skills that would help him throughout the rest of his career.

Bruckner later landed a managerial role at Azimut-Benetti, where he used his technical and project management skills to help develop new yacht prototypes and onboard systems. For ten years, he worked in various roles at Azimut-Benetti, before being approached by heavy metal products manufacturer, Fusani for the role of general manager.

One of Bruckner’s biggest achievements to date is successfully leading the merger of Fusani and SIEM, a company focused on the oil and gas market. Bruckner’s role included gaining an understanding of the new products that were to be sold as a result of the merger and passing this knowledge on to other employees. Bruckner also trained Fusani employees on the structure of the merged company and how to interact with new customers. Bruckner prides himself on the fact that, six years on, SIEM Fusani is still going strong.

“Moving to Cressall is the right thing to do at this point in my career,” explained Bruckner. “Over the years, I have gained valuable R&D and project management skills that I can use to help Cressall continue competing in the worldwide industrial market.

“As a former rowing coach, it’s in my nature to provide as much training and encouragement as employees need, so they can be confident and flourish in their work. My experiences recruiting from different industries will help bring diverse perspectives into the company, allowing us to maintain fast product turnaround in line with the UK standard.

“I haven’t had much time to row since moving to Leicester, but I’ll be sure to get back on board. In fact, I’ve been told by my new colleagues that the River Soar is lovely in the summer!”


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