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Wellingborough, April 28, 2014: With OPTITEMP TRA-C10, TRA-C20 and TRA-C30, KROHNE introduces its new line of compact temperature sensors. They follow the current trend in many industries, where for standard applications, traditional temperature sensors are replaced with compact ones, especially in OEM applications.

Unlike traditional sensors that have to be configured by choosing from various combinations of measuring insert, thermowell and transmitter, the compact sensors are pre-configured with an integrated transmitter to meet the most common requirements in terms of measuring range, immersion length as well as process and electrical connections. Their main advantage is their size: as in many process and OEM applications there is only limited space for sensors, so their small housing design is a desirable feature.

Although they aim at different fields of application, OPTITEMP TRA-C10, TRA-C20 and TRA-C30 share the same basic design: equipped with Pt100 class A sensor element and built-in analogue transmitter, they cover the temperature range from -50…+150°C/58…302°F (without integrated transmitter +200°C/392°F) for liquid and gaseous mediums. Accuracy is ±0.15% of measuring range. For immediate use, the measuring range is fixed and pre-configured to a 4…20mA output, no programming is needed.

All three compact sensors come in standard immersion lengths 50 or 100 mm/2 or 4″ (on request 25…500 mm/1…20″). Also, the short transmitter response time of the compact sensors (for water t0.5 = 3.2 s, t0.9 = 9.0 s) indicates changing process conditions very quickly and allows for immediate reaction. Classed IP67/65, the sensors are dust tight and can be used in wet outdoor environments. The solid mechanical design has no moving parts, which makes the sensors highly resistant to mechanical stress or adverse environmental conditions.

OPTITEMP TRA-C10 is a hygienic compact temperature sensor aiming at (OEM) applications in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and sanitary industries. It comes with process connection ISO 2852 DN25/38, electrical connection is a standard M12 connection. OPTITEMP TRA-C10 can be CIP cleaned.

OPTITEMP TRA-C20 is a compact temperature sensor for general process applications. It comes with G1/2 process connection and standard electrical connection Valve EN 175301-803 for international markets.

OPTITEMP TRA-C30 is a compact temperature sensor with process connection G1/2 as standard and M12 electrical connection.

All standard versions of OPTITEMP TRA-C10, TRA-C20 and TRA-C30 have a fixed part number for a smooth buying process. Non-standard combinations are also available upon request.


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