New IO-Link input/output modules


Combining convenience with economy and flexibility, the new IO-Link input/output modules from ifm electronic offer eight multifunctional input/output ports, each of which can be freely configured as a digital input or output.

The new IO-Link input/output modules are available in PerformanceLine and StandardLine versions that support the connection of an external auxiliary supply to power sensors, and as line-powered versions that derive power from the standard IO-Link connection and require no additional power source. Output capacity for the PerformanceLine versions is 2A per channel, for the StandardLine versions it is 1.8A per four channels, and for the line-powered version, it is 1A per eight channels.

In the PerformanceLine versions, the ports can additionally be configured as analogue inputs. This means that the modules can be matched to an application’s exact requirements, eliminating the need to buy, for example, a separate analogue input module when only one analogue channel is needed in a particular location.

The PerformanceLine and StandardLine modules, with auxiliary supply option, provide full isolation between the sensor and actuator supplies, which means that the actuators can be switched off while leaving the sensors powered. In addition, to provide maximum versatility, PerformanceLine types support both cyclical and acyclical operation allowing the port function to be changed dynamically.

The ifm configurable multiport IO-Link input/output modules are available in housings with IP ratings to suit all industrial environments. The PerformanceLine modules are best suited to the industrial environment where IP65, IP67 and resistance to coolants and oils are required. The StandardLine versions are available in versions to suit both industrial and washdown environments with protection ratings up to IP68/69K. All incorporate full short-circuit protection along with individual status indication for each channel and additional diagnostics available at the PLC.



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