New generation of NEMA motor offers high energy efficiency and reliability


ABB has developed the new generation AMI 5800 NEMA modular induction motor to offer exceptional energy efficiency and reliability in demanding applications such as pumps, compressors, fans, extruders, conveyors and crushers. Rated for a power output of up to 1750HP, the AMI 5800 offers the capability for a high degree of modularity and customisation to suit both new-build and upgrade projects in a wide range of industries, including chemical oil and gas, conventional power generation, mining and cement, and metals. The motor opens up new options for UK OEMs looking to export customers in North America.

The AMI 5800 motor is a true NEMA design that builds on ABB’s technology leadership in the North American market to meet both electrical performance requirements and mechanical mounting standards. A key feature is a high-strength welded steel frame typically found only in motors with larger frame sizes. This lowers stress on the motor while mitigating vibrations and resonance to ensure reliable operation in harsh conditions with a design life of 25 years or 20,000 starts.

A further important advantage of the AMI 5800 is a shorter bearing-to-bearing span compared with previous models. This innovative feature improves performance at high speeds and enables the motor to be used as a simple drop-in replacement to upgrade existing equipment.

According to ABB’s Stephen Clabburn, UK Sales Manager, Large Motors & Generators: “We have engineered the AMI 5800 motor to meet customer requirements for high energy efficiency and reliability, as well as sustainable manufacture and use. Its modular design in terms of cooling methods, bearings, shaft extensions and terminal boxes also provides the flexibility to match the North American installed base. This makes the AMI 5800 ideally suited for upgrading existing installations and next-generation designs, no matter how harsh the environment is. From a UK perspective, for UK OEMs exporting to the North American market, ABB can now support you locally with this new generation of NEMA designs that build on our already extensive NEMA range.”


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