New flexibility in SMD jumpers means new flexibility for Hitaltech customers


Hitaltech, specialists in the manufacture and supply of connecting technologies and enclosures, have developed a range of PCB to PCB flexible SMD Jumper cables that allow pcbs to be connected together at different angles.

These new SMD jumpers are available in 0.5mm and 0.93mm pitch as standard, with the possibility to have increased pitch (for higher power applications) and improved coplanarity, for reliable automatic pick and place and reflow soldering.

“Hitaltech is one of the first companies to develop a custom made SMD flexible jumper system,” explains Hitaltech’s MD, Andrew Fitzer. “That flexibility makes a huge difference to our customers .With mixed pitches and even custom lengths, we’ve found a way to give our customers greater power when connecting together their PCBs.” 

High volume production now. Higher volume production next

The new SMD jumper cables are aimed at – and actively enable – high volume production for clients who might be using thousands or even a million+ pieces each year. The reflow soldering aids that production efficiency.

And work continues to build on Hitaltech’s advances. “We’ve created a jumper that’s small and flexible,” explains Andrew. “Next, we’re aiming to overcome the limiting factor of the length of SMD jumper cables we can offer without compromising coplanarity – so we can offer mass production on even longer SMD jumper cables.

For Andrew, the new SMD jumper cables are just the latest in a long line of product developments driven by Hitaltech’s customers. “We actively enjoy the challenges our customers set us, and we’re delighted to be able to go back to them and say ‘we listened, and this is what we’ve developed as a result’. We think that’s why so many of our customers choose us again and again.”

Ready for order now

Hitaltech’s new SMD Jumper cables have been fully tested to comply with all relevant international standards, including vibration testing and resistance and temperature cycling for the automotive sector.

They are available in tape on reel packaging.


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