New communication processor CP52


World-leading MGCplus with CP52 processor upgrade from HBM provides a flexible DAQ solution

When it comes to data acquisition, HBM – market leader in the field of test and measurement – know that every task comes complete with its own unique set of challenges.  With this in mind, HBM offers a range of data acquisition systems to suit a range of applications, from mobile or stationary, on a test cell, or under extreme environmental conditions.

When it comes to calibration, material or fatigue testing, the MGCplus data acquisition system from HBM has been successfully used in a variety of prestigious projects for more than 25 years.  With more than 10,000 channels in different applications worldwide, the MGCplus has widely achieved acceptance as a measurement standard.

The MGCplus is a truly integrated measurement device which features a wide spectrum of supported transducers, fieldbus connections and standard PC interface. Highly regarded as the data acquisition (DAQ) system of choice for all industrial, laboratory and R&D measurement applications, the MGCplus can be used to measure force, displacement, pressure, temperature, torque, acceleration, strain, stress, voltage, current, frequency or resistance, at both low or high speeds.

Providing a flexible and simple alternative, the process of set-ups is noticeably reduced due to the MGCplus systems modularity, which in turn, presents considerable and valuable cost-saving properties, which is a significant factor in keeping within budget.

Featuring a brand-new communication processor (CP52) with PTPv2 synchronization for joint usage of MGCplus with other HBM DAQ product offerings, high-speed cameras or pressure scanners, the CP52 also offers the ability to process 512 digital channels simultaneously. Featuring cutting-edge architecture, the new MGCplus CP52 communication processor provides users with a variety of options and is backward compatible.

Incorporating the field-proven features you would come to expect from a quality communications processor such as fast-trigger, multi-client capability, and scalability of measurement devices, the CP52 also offers a range of other advantages which include two Ethernet interfaces and enhanced connectivity through the HBM device scan functionality and CHCP.

Owing to its versatility, MGCplus is the ideal choice for every test engineer.  Offering proven compatibility, not only within the MGCplus family, the MGCplus is well-matched within the entire HBM measurement chain – from the sensor, straight through to the software.

As modern measurement technology strives to meet the growing requirements in inspections and tests, the renowned MGCplus from HBM offers a flexible and cost-effective solution.  Reducing set-up times, the MGCplus enables engineers to perform more efficient tests, without compromising on quality.


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