New accessories for the battery operated marking system FlyMarker® PRO


Small add-ons bring a great work simplification

The German manufacturer of marking systems MARKATOR® continuously aims on the simplification of the marking tasks of its customers and on an optimization of the marking results when marking tasks are complicated. Due to a constant communication with the customers in several cases of application the development of new optional accessories is possible time and again. These optional accessories mean an enormous work simplification of the durable marking tasks on several kinds of work pieces.

Currently there are three new positioning plates for the battery operated dot peen marking system FlyMarker® PRO available.

The positioning plate with 3 point touch has three point touch supports with rubber coating instead of a flat positioning plate. Two of the point touch supports can be adjusted individually in x-direction. This accessory can be used if the access for the positioning of the hand-held marking system on the work piece is limited. The three rubber coated point touch supports prevent from slipping off the work piece, damp the vibration which occurs during the marking process and offer a stable operating position. If the access space is very small it is also possible to dismount one of the point touch supports. This positioning plate can also be modified when a special device is needed.

The easily upgradeable prism fence-system for round and flat parts does have its advantages especially when the marking needs to be done on the face of a work piece, with equal distances from the edge.

Due to the end stop on the top edge of this positioning plate a safe positioning can be assured. With the help of the integrated prism, a precise alignment also on round work pieces is very easy. The prism is out of plastic and can with this easily be modified for specific work pieces.

The magnetic stop system for FlyMarker® PRO can easily be adjusted on the standard positioning plate. It is especially suitable for deep markings on steel.

The magnets on the base of the positioning plate fix the hand-held marking system firmly on the work piece and prevent from slipping off the work piece during the marking process. This optional holding device brings an enormous simplification when markings need to be done without horizontal installation surface, for example on vertical surfaces or on the face of a flange.


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