Murrelektronik valve plugs – more variety, less effort


20 years ago, Murrelekronik developed and produced the first prewired and molded valve plug. It was a revolution! And because Murrelektronik has continuously improved the valve plugs, they have enjoyed long-running success, today more than ever.

Murrelektronik’s new range of valve plugs offer you efficient, decentralised IP67 protection, in fact you will be hard pushed to find a more complete connection solution. 

What makes a Murrelektronik valve plug?

Murrelektronik’s innovative new valve plug range offers an array of distinctive and innovative features. Available in a choice of colours (yellow, grey black) and M8 or M12 cable types – including flame and chemical resistant PVC, PUR/PVC or simply PUR – Murrelektronik valve plugs include a handy wire diagram, IP67 sealed captured gasket, label plate and LED suppression indicator. The fully potted design also makes them resistant to shock and vibration.

Features and benefits:

  • IP67 Protection.
  • Factory Tested Connections.
  • LED Indicators for Diagnostics.
  • Reduced size for Compact Installations.
  • Reduced Number of Components.
  • Label Plates.
  • Quick/Easy Installation.

Why we use interference suppression

Even in today’s modern world, inductive loads are still governed by the rules of physics. Just like gravity, Ohm’s law and Lenz’s law will never change. They state that when an inductive load is switched off, current wants to keep flowing in the same direction and with the same strength as before. The voltage comes from the inductive load and, since the inductive loads can be much higher than the nominal voltage, voltage peaks can occur.

This causes the following problems, which can result in expensive downtime:

  • Powering down can cause coil short circuits.
  • Coil lifespan is shortened.
  • Data transfer via the bus system is cut off.
  • Control sequence is interrupted.

However, the interference suppression technology inherent in Murrelektronik valve plugs, helps to reduce voltage peaks during shut down. As a result, you will benefit from reduced material and maintenance costs, increased interference protection, improved system availability and reliable run-time.


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