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The switch mode power supply is the core of your control cabinet – and Murrelektronik’s regulated power supply units are the perfect regulators.


Murrelektronik have been manufacturing power supplies and transformers for over 40 years and our innovative power management solutions continue to be the preferred choice in a wide range of industries. Murrelektronik’s quality and service is trusted the world over, as our power supply units are extremely reliable – increasing machine uptime and saving you money. Over the years, our portfolio has expanded into a comprehensive range that offers flexible power management solutions to suit every application. Our primary aim remains the same as our founding principles, to provide our customers with consistent, constant output voltages for their system – independent of how much input voltage fluctuates. Working across a variety of industries including the machine tool building industry, the processing industry and the shipbuilding industry, Murrelektronik strives to understand its customers and their applications. Our wide product range of power supply units, designed with cutting edge technology, make sure that you have the best product for your requirements.

Our certified, in-house test centre ensures that our switch mode power supplies are well-engineered and operate perfectly. Our power supply units have many approvals and feature a wide input voltage range, which makes them suitable for global applications.

Power supply units for your application

PICCO is a compact, low cost range available in 12 V DC and 24 V DC versions with output currents from 0.85 A to 6 A in the 12 V variants and 0.6 A to 6A in the 24 V variants.

The ECO Rail range provides a good quality, low cost, single phase 24 V PSU available with output currents 1.3, 2.5, 5, 10 and 20 A.

The MCS-B range of PSU’s has been a popular product for many years, having proven itself to be reliable and long lasting. Used in a multitude of applications in automotive, warehouse automation, airport baggage handling and machine tools. It is available in 24 V with output currents from 1 A up to 10 A single phase. The 12 V version provides output currents of 1 A and 2.5 A. There is also a 5 V, 3 A variant.

The flag ship Emparro range offers the highest effiency of any power supply on the market. With an effiency of 95% it also has the lowest heat generation. This can make all the difference in the panel where heat build up can cause major problems. Emparro has many features including enhanced diagnostics and power boost for loads with a high start up current.


Emparro 1~ Single phase is available in 24 V with outputs 5, 10 and 20 A. In 48 V, 2.5, 5 and 10 A. And in 12 V, 10 A.

Emparro 3~ Three phase is available in 24 V with ouputs 5, 10, 20, 40 A. Its advanced functionality includes an integrated parallel mode switch enabling up to 5 PSU’s to be used in parallel, over voltage protection to protect against voltage spikes on the input and a hyper booste function. In addition to the 150% power boost function, making it ideal for applications where there are high start up currents.

Emparro 67 power supply units are specially designed for applications outside the control panel. They are fully potted for harsh environments and supply their full output in temperatures between -25 C to +60 C at 100% humidity. Emparro 67 is designed to be installed directly in the field, adjacent to the load. Example applications include powered roller conveyors and stepper motors. Emparro 67 is available for 24 V in 4 A and 8 A versions.

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The product range is completed with Transformers, Buffer Modules, Redundancy Modules and Load Circuit Monitoring. Visit or call 0161 728 3133.


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