Multipix Imaging at the PPMA Show


Multipix Imaging will focus on a range of smart cameras and 3D camera technology ideally suited to process and packaging applications at the PPMA Show (Stand G50) in September.

In virtually every industry, 3D Sensors are being used to optimise production processes, improve quality control and reduce manufacturing costs.

Multipix will present two different types of 3D camera technology, each suited to different applications. Both camera ranges are compact, easily installed and rapidly set-up, utilising 3rd party software from MVTec’s powerful HALCON imaging library. HALCON’s impressive 3D processing tools are notorious for solving applications that were simply not possible before!

Firstly, SmartRay ECCO 3D camera range using ‘laser triangulation’ with innovative image formation technology to create detailed 3D images. The 3D sensor measures the profile of the object creating a 3D model of the surface of the object.  This technology is ideal for applications that require high precision measurements of objects that are moving. This is typical in glue bead inspection, defect detection in packaging, measuring medical instruments, weld inspection, automotive part inspection and so on. It is also possible to inspect 3D data of an object of uniform colour, for example tyre tread.

Secondly, Photoneo PhoXi 3D scanner technology using laser light pattern projector technology. This emits a set of coding patterns onto the target scene, which are interpreted by a single camera and reconstruct a point cloud. The PhoXi capturing and processing pipeline is capable of delivering 16 million measurements per second, either in 3.2 megapixels at 5fps, or 0.8 megapixels at 20fps.  PhoXi scanners are ideal for robot handling applications such as bin picking, where randomly placed, semi-oriented objects can be picked from a container or pallet and placed on a conveyor belt with ease.

Another widely used vision component within the food & beverage industry is the Smart Camera. Multipix will demonstrate the AdLink NEON smart camera. This ‘all-in-one’ high performance smart camera combined with MVTec’s Merlic Imaging Software provides quick deployment with minimal configuration effort. Ideal for common applications, such as, OCR, Barcode, Measurement and Defect inspections.

Find us at Stand G50.


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