Mobile emergency unit for chlorine gas especially developed for fire departments


In collaboration with international workforce of fire-fighting and environmental technology specialists, GEA has developed a mobile emergency unit for accidents involving chlorine.

Intended to meet the robust requirements and harsh working environments of fire departments around the world, the emergency unit combines GEA’s proven, multiple-application jet scrubber technology with high transportability.

And, designed on the basis of a roll-off container for fire brigades according DIN (German Institute for Standardization) 14505 the scrubber can be loaded and unloaded in less than a minute. Fitted with quick-release hose coupling systems, the unit benefits from rapid, tool-free operation, which is critical in emergency situations.

The first mobile chlorine gas emergency unit of its kind was delivered to the Dalian fire brigade in China in April 2015.

Technical information is as follows:
– gas volume flow: 500-2 000 m³/h
– maximum temperature: 30 °C
– mass Cl2 flow: 400 kg/h maximum
– absorption capacity: 500 kg at 3 m³ of 20% NaOH in the feed tank.


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