MiniTec’s modular aluminium profile system– constructing made simple


Engineering firm MiniTec is offering clients a modular aluminium profile system to construct any rigid structure, large or small, complex or small.

Often referred to as industrial “meccano”, the system is not only designed in-house at ­the Basingstoke firm, but is also manufactured and assembled either in the factory or on the customer’s site. ­

Case study: customised unit for scientific instrumentation

A recent example involved designing and constructing a customised unit for a scientific instrumentation project. The customer, Precision Acoustics, is a global leader in ultrasound test equipment and requires customised cabinets to house a new product to be used for the measurement of medical diagnostic and physiotherapy equipment.

Key features of the cabinet include:

  • Magnetic door catches.
  • Brushed cable entry points to ease set-up whilst minimising airflow which can disrupt measurements.
  • Multiple doors for access and avoidance of disturbing the balance of the equipment.

Here is the complete unit assembled with the final customer’s test equipment installed.

Supported by extensive stocks of profiles and accessories MiniTec are ideally placed to support both large and complex projects as well as smaller “one-offs” and offer the degree of customisation to ensure that the customer gets the most appropriate solution for their requirement and not just “nearest best fit”.

If you have an interesting project you would like to discuss with the team at MiniTec please contact:

Tel: 01256 365605



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