MiniTec purpose built trolleys help a turbo shaft manufacturer improve operational efficiency


The art of improving operational efficiency and helping to make processes more “Lean” are key challenges for manufacturing operations today.

Efficient movement of parts between ops

A well-known international manufacturer of Turbo systems has a manufacturing operation in Bradford where turbo shafts are manufactured using multiple machining operations carried out on different machines.

Moving work in progress between operations and machines can be a real problem, especially if the parts cannot be simply and easily loaded onto transporters to move them between ops.

Simply robust trolly from MiniTec

MiniTec designed and assembled 16 of these trolleys for the customer using its 30 x30 aluminium profile system. Each trolley can carry up to 8 trays of parts with a maximum weight of 60 Kgs – a simple solution to a potentially costly and time consuming handling issue.

The Art of simplicity – why choose MiniTec?

MiniTec UK Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of modular aluminium profile building systems used throughout Industry, Leisure and Retail.

At the heart of the MiniTec system is the unique Powerlock ® fastening method which requires no specific preparation, pre-machining or special tools and uses standard off the shelf fasteners. The use of standard fasteners reduces the cost of the overall package of profiles and locking system considerably compared with many other systems which incorporate brand specific locking systems.

The Basingstoke operation offers a complete sales support, engineering and design, custom manufacturing and installation service.

For more information on MiniTec products and services please contact:

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