MiniTec build a bespoke test room for Magnetic Shields Ltd


MiniTec UK Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of modular aluminium profile building systems used throughout Industry, Leisure and Retail.

The company has recently secured a contract with Magnetic Shields to design and build a low frequency magnetically shielded room for test purposes.  Magnetic Shields Ltd is a market leader in the manufacture of bespoke magnetic shielding systems.

MiniTec and Magnetic Shields worked together to design and manufacture a 3m x 3m x 2m high shielded room for the University of Vienna who conduct research into the properties of magnetic fields and their influence on the working environment.

The MiniTec aluminium profile system was selected because of its robustness compared with other systems available and the simplicity of installation coupled with the comprehensive range of accessories available.

Once the framework was complete it was clad with Mumetal®, a highly permeable material, which serves to absorb the magnetic field and re-direct it away from the interior of the room.  The drastically reduced magnetic field inside the room allows experiments to be carried out without unwanted magnetic interference.

Why not try out comprehensive design, manufacturing and installation service offered by MiniTec for your aluminium profiling needs?

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