MiniTec at the Engineering Design Show – The Art of Simplicity


The MiniTec modular aluminium profile system can be used in an almost limitless number of applications. Form ergonomically design assembly lines and workstations to make your operation more lean and efficient to customised workbenches and storage/handling systems.

The MiniTec team will be on hand to discuss how a customised solution may be the answer to your needs and show you many examples of work and applications in this field.

In addition to demonstrating the modular aluminium profile system MiniTec will show MiniTec iCAD online – a CAD tool is the comfortable way to select and configure the hardware of MiniTec modular solutions. It comprehensively covers all planning and construction requirements.

A second calculates the deflection of aluminium profile systems and linear slideways. It will calculate values for applications in both vertical and horizontal designs making sure that the design and components used are optimised for safety and functionality.



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