MINIFLUX, the pump for horizontal media transfer from IBCs – now also for use in explosion hazard areas (Zone 1).


The horizontally installed, extremely compact MINIFLUX container pump is now also approved for use in explosion hazard areas (Zone 1). The pump is designed for draining IBCs via their floor-level outlet and is an alternative to vertical immersion pumps.

When accessing IBCs from above is impossible or very difficult, such as when containers are stacked or ceilings are low, the MINIFLUX enables pumping directly from the low-level outlet. It is suitable for media with a viscosity of up to 1 000 mPas. In comparison to gravity draining via the IBC outlet tap, the MINIFLUX delivers a considerably higher flow rate and discharge pressure. Depending on the media and drive motor selected, flow rates up to 240 l/min, or delivery head of up to 13 mwc can be achieved. This means that the media can be rapidly transferred or transported to an elevated container.

The mechanically sealed design separates the wetted area from the pump driveshaft and bearings. This means the shaft only comes into contact with the product in the rotor area, thereby minimising cross-contamination and extending bearing life. The pump is only 136 mm long, weighs just 1.2 kg, is easy to handle and requires minimal space. It is easily connected to the IBC with a union nut. The MINIFLUX is driven by a FLUX commutator motor or compressed-air motor.

FLUX-GERÄTE GMBH In 1950, the world’s first electric drum pump was named FLUX. FLUX became the undis-puted pioneer in barrel pump technology and developed outstanding know-how and experi-ence in many other areas of pump technology. Our product range extends from drum and IBC pumps and motors, flow meters and accessories through to special system solutions including semi-automatic filling systems and high viscosity drum emptying systems. FLUX is a family-owned company operating internationally with seven subsidiaries and numerous representatives, delivering products to more than 100 countries worldwide.

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