METTLER TOLEDO Introduces Sensors That LearnTM


Intelligent Sensor Management technology from METTLER TOLEDO features the world’s first learning sensors for process analytics. Advanced algorithms allow sensors to learn process conditions within one day.

A significant issue in the operation of in-line process analytical measurement systems is not knowing when pH sensors will require maintenance or if a sensor is going to fail unexpectedly. METTLER TOLEDO has a solution to this in the form of its Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) technology and Sensors That Learn™.

ISM is a digital platform for analytical sensors that increases process reliability, simplifies senor handling, and reduces maintenance. At its core, ISM features a series of advanced algorithms that continuously monitor a sensor’s “health” and provide diagnostic tools that predict when maintenance will be required and when a sensor will reach the end of its reliable lifetime.

New ISM algorithms launched in 2015 allow pH sensors to actually learn from the conditions in a process. Sensors That LearnTM delivers more accurate sensor health diagnostics, quicker than previous versions, and enhances the consistency of sensor lifetime information.

iSense software is a support and maintenance tool for ISM sensors. When an ISM sensor is connected to a PC running the software, all relevant data is displayed on the software’s iMonitor screen using simple color coding, allowing at-a-glance evaluation of the probe. Should the diagnostics recommend that the sensor needs servicing (e.g. calibration), iSense guides operators step-by-step using simple animations to a successful end result. A newly released version of iSense offers features such as transferring learned data on applications between sensors to provide the highest assurance of sensor performance from first installation.

For the pharmaceutical industry, a version of iSense is available that is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, which enhances the security of eDocumentation.

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