Introducing MEPCA’s July Manufacturing Champion of the Month: Vanessa Loiola

We had the pleasure of speaking with Vanessa, and learning more about her journey through the manufacturing sector, becoming a invaluable asset to the automation industry.

In a short QnA, Vanessa had the following to say:

  1. From an Engineering Apprenticeship to a Founder, CEO and Mentor; what has inspired you to pursue a career in the Automation and Robotics sector?

I have always been fascinated by electronics and new technologies After finishing college, I decided to delve into automation, a field that perfectly combined my interests. It was a long journey, filled with learning and hands-on experiences, working with renowned robotics brands like KUKA, FANUC, and ABB. This path eventually led me to open Valoy Automation 2.5 years ago, driven by my passion for robotics. My focus lies in developing efficient and easily comprehensible code, prioritising technical quality, efficiency, and time optimisation.

  1. What impact do you hope to make on the manufacturing & engineering industry through your work within the sector?

I am dedicated to encouraging more women to pursue careers in automation. In my experience, having a balanced mix of women and men on a team enhances problem-solving, especially in automation and robotics, where quick and precise decisions are crucial. Through promoting diversity and inclusion, I aim to cultivate an environment where diverse perspectives drive innovation and efficiency. My commitment to sharing information and insights on robotics led to my recognition as one of the most influential women in this field on LinkedIn. I believe that by elevating the visibility of women in automation, we can inspire and empower the next generation of female leaders in this rapidly growing industry.

  1. As this month’s Manufacturing Champion of the Month, who would you also like to recognize for their contributions to the industry, and why?

As this month’s Manufacturing Champion of the Month, I would like to recognize Meaghan Ziemba. She empowers women to change the world through manufacturing and stands out as an inspiring figure. Like me, she is making waves to transform this industry. While I have a list of deserving women, today I am proud to name Meaghan for her remarkable contributions.


Each month, we’ll spotlight an outstanding individual whose dedication and innovation are driving the manufacturing industry forward. Join us in celebrating their remarkable contributions and inspiring stories that shape the future of manufacturing.


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