Meeting high-level inspection demands 


SmartRay GmbH, a manufacturer of cutting-edge 3D sensors for demanding, high-precision automated inspection, has launched the ECCO X 25 3D sensor, the latest in the ECCO family.

Offering 4,096 points of resolution and a scan rate of up to 40 kHz, the ECCO X 25 3D sensor targets the challenges of automated optical inspection in electronics and other challenging industries.

The ECCO X has been designed for typical metrology for electronics and semiconductor inspection, including wafer inspection, microchips, electronic connectors, flying BGA (ball grid array) inspection, AOI (automatic optical inspection) and SPI (soldering paste inspection). Inspection also includes EV mobility (hairpin inspection), medical parts (such as orthopaedic implants) and the watch industry.

“The ECCO X 25 marks a further significant advance in performance in the ECCO 3D sensor portfolio,” said Clare Rathsack, Business Unit Manager, ECCO Sensors, at SmartRay. “This fulfils a requirement for resolution and speed that our customers have been demanding.”

“With the performance of the ECCO X that we have so far recorded, we can address applications that we were not able to address with 3d laser triangulation before.”

Francois Bangerter, Executive Sales Manager of ECCO Sensors at SmartRay, added: “The ECCO family of sensors is well established for the inspection of challenging applications, such as automotive chassis welds and highly reflective prosthetic implants. This new sensor breaks a metrology boundary that can deliver reduced latent failures in electronic products due to soldering issues and poor component placement as well as a whole range of other industries where high-level inspection is paramount to efficiency and business continuity.”

More accuracy and speed 
With a measurement range of 20 mm and a stand-off distance of 65 mm, the ECCO X 25 delivers a typical vertical resolution of 0.9 – 1.4 µm and a typical vertical resolution of 5.0-7.0 µm. The Z-linearity is 0.005 %, and Z-repeatability is 0.2 µm, targeting manufacturers increasingly reliant on miniaturised electronics and precision-machined or 3D-printed mechanical parts to meet the innovation demands of its customers. The typical scan (i.e., full FOV) rate of up to 40 kHz delivers up to 163 million points/sec.

The ECCO X has been designed with a laser class 3R/2 – the 3R is a more intense laser, approximately six to eight times stronger compared to the laser class 2, which allows for a decreased exposure time by a factor of six to eight. The laser class 3R, however, requires specific safety precautions.

Like the existing ECCO 3D sensors, the unit integrates with industry-standard vision software and is compatible with common libraries on the market.

The sensor provides a gigabit Ethernet (1 Gbit/sec) interface, a quadrature encoder interface (AB-Channel, RS-422), and two inputs and outputs to support a range of start, data triggering, and output options. Its enclosure is rated to IP67, and its operating temperature ranges from 0 – 40°C.

Simple to install 

The ECCO X measures just 48 × 84 × 125.3 mm and weighs under 750 g.

The sensor is available with four different cable mountings, providing the customer with greater flexibility to install the sensor in any direction required.

Some 4,096 3D points of resolution are backed up by four connector options for maximum flexibility and input voltage requirements of 24 VDC at 10 W.



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