Mclennan’s new MSM series, 2-phase 1.8° stepper motors for OEM applications: high-performance in NEMA sizes 08 to 34


Available in NEMA frame sizes 08 through 34, Mclennan’s new MSM series 2-phase, 1.8° stepper motors are aimed at the unique demands of OEM users with stock availability for standard products and fast turnaround for application customisation. Through design enhancements, this new cost-optimised range offers extended torque performance and smooth operation, suiting dynamic motion positioning and speed control applications. A choice of double shaft options in larger frame sizes allow flexibility for use with encoders and brakes. 

The new MSM series is available in NEMA frames 08, 11, 14, 17, 23, and 34, covering a torque range from 32 mNm to 13 Nm. All models are offered with 4-wire flying leads or can be supplied with optional connectors of choice for convenient installation. The smaller NEMA 08 and 11 sized motors have a choice of two current ratings to match drive requirements whilst from size 14, a selection of stack lengths allow wide flexibility for drive and performance pairing. For motors from size 17, a choice of single as well as double shaft options in each current rating make encoder and/or brake fitting straightforward from Mclennan’s wide selection of compatible feedback and mechanical componentry. And of course, the motion control specialist also offers a wide range of compatible drives and controls, from component level to system engineered solutions, as part of its comprehensive application engineering service.

The new MSM series has been carefully selected to allow OEM users rapid turnaround for machine development backed by a comprehensive stocking policy for series production. Where required the electrical and mechanical specifications can be further tailored to the customer application and Mclennan offer JIT or KANBAN services for continued reliable supply. 

Common specifications throughout the new MSM range include Bi-polar wiring, IP40 protection and maximum recommended temperature rise to 60 °C. Detailed PDF datasheets are available, complete with dimension drawings and speed/torque curves – downloadable from dedicated pages on Mclennan’s website. 

The MSM series is a compelling choice for demanding applications where cost and high performance is required in industrial machinery, medical equipment, stage lighting, security and surveillance, 3D printing, packaging & labelling, telecoms and more. For information on Mclennan’s comprehensive range of stepper and servo-based motion components and systems solutions, call +44 (0) 1252 531444, email  or visit


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