Manufacturing excellence boost for the west midlands


An agreement has been signed between the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) and the Herefordshire-based New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering (NMITE), leading the way to regional partnership and industrial and educational growth.

The agreement, signed by the CEOs of both organisations, marks a collaboration that will build on the strengths of each – the advanced technologies of the MTC and the academic quality and distinctiveness of NMITE – providing students with hands-on access to the latest in manufacturing equipment and techniques. The MTC@NMITE, as the partnership has been named, will also work with local businesses in transferring and adopting knowledge to boost manufacturing productivity and sustainability.

The MTC aims to provide a competitive environment to bridge the gap between university-based research and the development of innovative manufacturing solutions, in line with the Government’s manufacturing strategy. The partnership with NMITE will complement the MTC’s existing training offering, which offers professional qualifications up to post-graduate level to redress skills gaps in the high-value manufacturing sector. NMITE offers a breakthrough, interdisciplinary model of higher education which equips students with the diverse and creative problem-solving skills needed in an ever-changing world.

MTC chief executive Dr Clive Hickman said: “It was a huge pleasure to sign this important and exciting agreement on behalf of the MTC. We look forward to building a relationship with James Newby and his team at NMITE and exploring the synergies between our two organisations.”

James Newby, CEO of NMITE, said, “I am delighted to sign this agreement on behalf of NMITE and for the new investment in our region that this partnership represents. By working with the expert teams at the MTC, we will be able to accelerate the progress of our new Centre for Automated Manufacturing and our work in supporting the development of skills and productivity in our region.”

The MTC@NMITE is part of NMITE’s Centre for Automated Manufacturing (CAM), which was founded to boost regional productivity in the manufacturing sector and to impart the skills required for the delivery of Industry 4.0. CAM’s mission is to support the growth of a modern, productive, sustainable and competitive regional manufacturing industry which will be achieved through offers for part-time, full-time, and professional education learners, as well as degree apprentices. CAM will support companies in understanding how automation can support the next stage of their growth and also target affordable and appropriate automation for companies that may be smaller, working with more legacy equipment, or in lower volume.


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