For the last few years BEKO TECHNOLOGIES have been consolidating their position as the leading provider of solutions for treatment of compressed air and condensate. At the same time a number of innovative measuring devices have been brought to market such as the METPOINT OCV which is the best way for companies who require the highest levels of “oil free compressed air” to continuously measure the remaining oil vapour content.

Not only are BEKO TECHNOLOGIES involved in the treatment of air downstream of the compressor but also out in the factory, measuring leaks, flow, pressure, dewpoint, breathing air, ISO quality checks, and providing customers with real expert advice.

Energy efficiency and quality assurance are important constituents in the planning and maintenance of production plants. They both require the monitoring of processing measurement equipment to be able to immediately identify deviations and energy losses.

With the comprehensive series of METPOINT measurement equipment, BEKO TECHNOLOGIES has taken a leading market position. METPOINT® OCV, for example, is the only measuring system in the world with TÜV certification that is able to measure the residual oil-vapour content, and as a high-performance product it is now established and much in demand in the fields of compressed-air/compressed-gas technology.

Other members of the METPOINT measurement team are:

METPOINT DPM : Stationary and plug in portable dewpoint measuring device for measuring moisture content in compressed air. The data of the continuous measurements are shown on the display and automatically stored in the data logger. Easy installation and rapid response means a quick answer to “How dry is my compressed air?”

METPOINT FLM: Flowmeter for precise and reliable measurement of compressed air useage.

METPOINT LKD : Leak Detector for the detection of leaks in the compressed air system. Small leaks can be costly. With 15m range, this hand held ultrasound detector will find all significant leaks safely and quickly. The BEKO leak detector is a low cost solution to saving compressed air costs.

METPOINT MMA : continuously and reliably monitors the quality of breathing air, developed for use in hospitals. This enables pharmacists to comply with the legal obligations of the European Pharmacopoeia. Monitoring of medical compressed air in a single box. It can check O2, CO, CO2, SO2 oxides of nitrogen and water vapour. Includes advanced features such as 24 hour auto calibration cycle. It can also be linked to other METPOINT devices.

METPOINT PRM : Pressure transducer that detects the relative pressure (gauge pressure) in gaseous and liquid media. High Accuracy, better than 0.5%.Operating pressure 0-25 bar or 0-60 bar.

METPOINT BDL: innovative graphic display recorders for the recording of the parameters for compressed-air and gas applications. The electronic recording system measures the connected input signals and determines the information that is required for the respective application. These are displayed and stored on the device. The device handles up to 12 optional sensor inputs which can be digital, analogue or a mixture. This device makes it very easy for the responsible person to have a complete picture of the compressed air system with the corresponding saving of energy, rejected products compressed air and operator time.


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