M.A.C. Solutions Wins Distributor Award


In recognition of outstanding sales performance and growth in 2015, M.A.C. Solutions has received the much-coveted ‘Platinum Distributor of the Year Award 2015’ from eWON, the leading manufacturer of industrial routers for secure PLC remote access.


The six winners of the eWON Distributor Awards 2015 were revealed at an awards ceremony, which took place at the recent SPS IPC Drives exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany. John Pritchard, Managing Director of M.A.C. Solutions accepted the award from Gerald Olivier, Marketing Manager at eWON.


“We are delighted to receive the Platinum Distributor of the Year Award from eWON, as it recognises our hard work and commitment over the last seven years, culminating in a truly successful 2015,” said Dave Hammond, Product Manager Ethernet & Communications at M.A.C. Solutions. “eWON routers and the Talk2M remote access service are the number one products for industrial remote access in the world and this is reflected in our sales growth in 2015 for these products.”


eWON + Talk2M is a Remote-Access solution which provides a secure, reliable method, to connect with machine control devices (PLCs, HMIs, etc), anywhere in the world, across the Internet. Launched in 2006, there are now more than 100,000 installations and machines that use this solution.


The eWON + Talk2M solutions consists of two elements, the eWON remote-access VPN Routers and the Talk2M cloud-based connectivity service.


The eWON remote-access VPN Routers are packed full of features that are useful and valuable for machine manufacturers and automation systems integrators, including real-time PLC monitoring, e-mailing capabilities, customisable web-server pages,  scripting engine, data and event logging.


Talk2M is the groundbreaking, cloud-based, Internet-connectivity service that works with the eWON VPN Routers, and is free to use, in its basic form. It revolutionises remote-access for machines and process plant, by overcoming the typical IT and security obstacles which are inherent within other solutions.


For more information, please visit www.mac-solutions.net or telephone MAC Solutions on 01527 529774 or email sales@mac-solutions.co.uk


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