Low-cost flow metering solution for pharmaceutical and medical industry applications


Precision flow measurement is a critical tool for the pharmaceutical and medical industries, where processes require precise control of liquid flow rates. Titan’s NSF-approved 800-series turbine flow meters are ideally suited to applications where food-grade hygiene and precision flow measurement are required, such as those seen in dispensing and accurate batch delivery systems for ingestible pharmaceutical products and additives. 

Titan’s 800-series flowmeters, certified under NSF/ANSI 169 as equipment for food products, are designed for precise metering of low-viscosity liquids – water, water-soluble chemicals, and drug coatings, for example. These mini turbine sensors provide a low-cost dispensing solution giving reliable, high performance over six flow ranges from 0.05 to 15L/min.

The 800-series devices have totally non-metallic NSF-approved wetted components that ensure the safe dispensing of ingestible materials. The flow device’s body and turbine are moulded from inert PVDF to ensure no contamination of any liquid passing through it. The bearings within the Titan mini turbine flow sensors are made of sapphire, giving long life and reliability.

“Accurate dosing of drugs in a medical environment, such as intravenous drug administration, can be controlled and monitored using flowmeters,” said Neil Hannay, Senior R&D Engineer at Titan Enterprises. “Titan has done extensive pioneering work with a USA medical company to produce a disposable ultrasonic flowmeter that would measure the volume of liquid manually injected into a patient.”

The NSF 800-Series flow meters have also proved valuable to Paxman’s innovative liquid-based cooling system. The scalp cooling technology utilises Titan’s mini turbine flowmeters to monitor the rate of coolant flow around the patented cooling cap during chemotherapy treatment.



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