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The Covid pandemic has brought new challenges to industries all over the world. Due to the dramatically increasing number of online orders and growth of e-commerce, and the pressures associated with staff health and safety, goods must now be picked and packaged more safely and efficiently than ever before.

No matter which industry you work in, our range of ergonomic handling solutions can improve productivity levels and health & safety at the same time. Turn two person lifts to one person lifts by allowing the operator to lift upto 250kg at just the push of the button. Our vacuum lifters remove 100% of the weight of the goods from the operator allowing them to move quickly and with precision. Other solutions such as trolleys, and chain and wire hoists solve a multitude of manual handling issues; the versatile range of equipment on offer allows you to lift nearly anything with TAWI. We offer both stationary and mobile solutions, customisable solutions, and also stainless steel and ATEX rated solutions.

TAWI’s Mobile Order Picker (MOP) allows one person to do the job of two while protecting them from injuries caused by lifting heavy objects. The MOP is compatible with any forklift or pallet jack, making it a highly versatile piece of equipment. With its adjustable tower height, operators can reach into pallet racks and other low headroom spaces giving them the ability to access otherwise hard to reach areas.

Our trolleys are built with a modular design, so parts and attachments are interchangeable, making them highly adaptable to your needs. Lift, tilt, and rotate reels with ease, and grip them from either the core or the outside to reduce damage to your goods. Our lifting trolleys are perfect for lifting reels of film and packaging.

Make sure to look out for TAWI at The PPMA Show to see a demonstration of our equipment, or to have a chat with one of the technical team!  – 28th-30th September (Stand number C34)


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