LMI introduces sustainable product packaging


Scanning and inspection solutions specialist, LMI Technologies (LMI), has started packaging and shipping its products using 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials, which eliminates single-use, plastic-based foams and all other plastic materials from its packaging. Deployment of the new Eco-Smart packaging is now underway, and the company expects to have transitioned the vast majority of its products to the new boxes by early 2023.

“At LMI Technologies, we are fully committed to supporting environmental wellness for present and future generations. Our products have always been manufactured to help customers reduce waste, increase yields, and improve product quality, which in turn support the improved utilisation of resources and greater sustainability. We are also continuously looking for new ways to minimise our impact on the planet and are therefore very excited to announce the transition to our new Eco-Smart product packaging,” said Mark Radford, CEO of LMI Technologies.


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